Our Support Team talks with CS Bites

Our Support Team chatted with CS Bites and gives a glimpse into support and customer satisfaction processes.

Why is support important to you and what is your end goal for support?

Support is important to us because we are the critical link between our players and the developers. We act as the face of the company, we’re first in line to detect problems, gather feedback and nurture customer satisfaction.

Can you tell us a little about your support team? How many are you right now?

We have around five people in the Support Team who work solely with Support. We have five ladies plus me.

The main system we use for Support is Kayako, from there tickets are responded to by our Support Team.

We create bug reports and discuss with the QA Team or Development team about specific issues in order to get a response to our players and either escalate or resolve the issue.

We also gather feedback on our player forums (nitronation.net) on social media (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube) and from our Google Play comments.

Developers don’t usually pay attention to Google Play comments.

Yes actually that’s a big advantage for us, I think many developers have overlooked this, but will soon come to realize how important it is to respond to these comments since the player comments and reviews are read by others who are deciding to download the game.

If you would have a look at our page, you can see that we’ve put focus on communicating with players, to respond to comments with legitimate questions or concerns. Of course there are some spam comments, but I think our players have come to expect and appreciate that we communicate directly with them.

Let me share some of my favorite comments we’ve gotten on Google Play:

Very good reply time for support, replied back in a couple of days and sorted out the problem as soon as possible. Much better than more known game developers. The support team were kind, patient and helpful. A definite 5 stars.

Wow I’m getting this app just because after every review there is a comment from the game editor and that just shows how much they care about our gaming experience and always want to keep improving it.

Awesome I wasn’t going to download until I saw that every comment that was left on the page got responded to that’s amazing nice to see a developer that genuinely cares about feedback keep it up I look forward to further productions by you.

What is your ideal and actual response time?

For Support Tickets on Kayako the response time is within 72 hours. For social media, forums and Google Play the response time is usually shorter. In the past we have had issues with response time, usually related to a major issue with a game, during a major holiday or if we’re short staffed.

The challenge was to get as much required information from our players at the first point of contact, so that we can reduce the response time and the amount of e-mails being sent back and forth.

Besides a high first contact resolution rate, what other metrics do you look at for support?

We look at the amount of tickets reported, number of tickets completed by each Support Team member per week as well as the common issues reported for that week.

What was the highest number of support tickets you’ve ever gotten? How many do you usually respond to?

The biggest number we have ever had was around 5400 e-mail/per week. Usually we respond around 500 e-mails per week, and that’s not including our work with Google Play comments

What’s the hardest part of customer support for your team?

The hardest things to deal with working in Support is high workloads and stress, a lack of information, or pressure coming from both sides (Players and Developers).

Being a Support Team member is hard work, it requires a lot of investigation and communication skills as well as some serious leg work here in the office, we’re always running up and down the stairs to different teams.

Pressure from both the player and developer sides?

Well imagine that we are the middle chain link between developers and players.

We communicate on behalf of the developers to our players. But we also advocate on behalf of our players to the developers. Sometimes it’s a tough position to be in.

How do you motivate your video game support team to do a job that’s not exactly the most interesting part of the game development process?

It helps to have a good sense of humor and camaraderie with the people you work with. We like to share lots of good food and treats with each other. Sometimes we blow bubbles in the office to blow off some stream. Laughter of course is the best remedy!