Beholder Blissful Sleep is OUT!

Beholder Blissful Sleep mobile release

Dystopian game Beholder releases Blissful Sleep expansion for mobile

Beholder Blissful Sleep explores the backstory to Beholder, introducing several deeper, more complicated character backgrounds and shocking story twists at Krushvice 6.

The Ministry of Introductions is honored to introduce Hector the current landlord, (who players may remember being beaten and then dragged away in the original Beholder.)

Players are pressed to make tough choices and assume responsibilities in order to survive the harsh authoritarian dystopian state.

Only by balancing moral choices between empathy and cruelty, warm-heartedness and indifference, light and dark, life and death will they survive.

Return to Krushvice 6 and serve the State and Wise Leader well!


Beholder Blissful Sleep is available via in-app purchase for the App Store and Google Play.

Beholder on the App Store:

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