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Gamescom 2013 – Games, cars and a lot about Nitro Nation

We did it! We attended our first Gamescom as an exhibitor! It was a total success and we were happy to hear so much positive feedback about our upcoming title Nitro Nation. We are looking forward for the beta release of Nitro Nation this month and maybe even for another Gamescom 2014? Never say never!

American Car Week – Win unique US Cars

The new “American Car Week” update is now live on Google Play! Compete in three tournaments and mess with the best to win one of three limited, iconic US special edition cars. The tournament is characterized by a new racing concept – up to 10 players are participating live at each stage – and taking…

Celebrating 2 years Drag Racing

We’re celebrating 2 years of Drag Racing! Are you just as crazy about cars like we are? Check out our 2nd Birthday Photo competition: Submit a picture of your car here ( and win amazing prizes! The Drag Racing Facebook community submits and votes the Top-5 and we pick the winner!

Drag Racing, 100 million players, and the next big thing

Check out this great article about the past and the future of the Drag Racing franchise and the company behind it: “The original game gathered a huge following – something we didn’t expect and don’t see often on mobile – and one of our primary goals for the next game is to give the community…

Drag Racing: Bike Edition rivals Zynga Poker

This week’s U.S. revenue charts see Zynga Poker and Drag Racing: Bike Edition leading today’s rankings, as Rage of Bahamut and Defender II also report top earnings. These charts allow end users to see who is making the most money on Google Play that day. It differs significantly from the Top Paid Games chart, which…