creative mobile 5 year

Since its foundation in August of 2010, Creative Mobile has achieved international recognition through their popular racing genre games. The best-known game Drag Racing, released in 2011 was named one of the ’10 Best Games of 2011’ by the New York Times, it’s been the #1 most downloaded racing game on Google Play and #1 racing game for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. The company followed up that success with a series of Drag Racing titles, including the ‘AAA’ title Nitro Nation Online Racing and the recently released Nitro Nation Stories, which have dominated the app charts and gained Creative Mobile more than 250 million players worldwide.

In a congratulatory speech to employees, CEO of Creative Mobile Vladimir Funtikov, noted the invaluable contribution each employee has made to the company’s success. In 5 years the company has published more than 20 games, this equates to 6 billion game sessions, each session averaging around 3 minutes, totaling approximately 30-35 thousand years of gameplay!

It’s impossible not to talk about the achievements we have made“ quoted Vladimir, “We are efficiently working with 30+ brands and our games have released on all significant mobile platforms. We have an innovative direction in the racing game genre. We’ve created a recognizable brand and started the CM Fun Factory publishing division. Most importantly we’ve contributed to the gaming industry here in Estonia with the GameDev Days Conference, supporting the Tallinn based Gamefounders gaming accelerator, and participating in the IGDA.


The horizon looks bright for the team at Creative Mobile, recently the company moved into a new office, more than doubling the amount of space and reinvigorating the office environment.

As for what the future holds, Vladimir expects, “A minimum 30% growth sales for 2016. We have plans to release games on new platforms, such as Windows 10. We’re also working on collaborations with film studios and focusing on strengthening our position in the Asian markets.


Happy Birthday Creative Mobile!