Dev Diary: FractureZ

Our team was eager to explore the possibilities of the Facebook Instant Games platform and to understand what is the process of getting a game published on there.

The team settled on a few key elements that a successful Instant game should have:

  • Quick, catchy gameplay
  • Funny or spicy shareable content that people would want to share with their friends
  • Chatbot support
  • Purchasable unlockable bonus content

Inspired by the 360 rotation camera alignment mechanic of Playgendary’s POLYSPHERE, FractureZ was developed as a light narrative-driven game where the player runs a repair shop putting the fractured pieces of antique objects and knick-knacks back together, solving 3D object puzzles.

Each completed object comes with a customer review that can shared in Messenger or on Facebook.

To complement the game and keep players engaged, our Chatbot Simon, by sending a series of special collection of objects to work on over a period of time. In addition, Simon will give comments in Messenger about the objects you’re working on and give you reminders.


FractureZ is available now on Facebook Instant Games

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