Dev Diary: Into the Radius VR

Into the Radius is a built-for-VR FPS survival game currently in development by a 2-person team at Creative Mobile. Focused on open-world, hardcore gameplay with realistic weapon interaction, survival and environmental exploration with stealth and cunning. Players explore a zone filled with dangerous anomalies to locate and collect artifacts.

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Development began a couple years ago, after CM acquired a number of Vive and Oculus sets. Many in the office were interested in trying out VR games, but noticed that the games currently available were relatively short, the prices were high and very few had any depth to them. Aleksei Shulga (Project Lead) saw an opportunity to develop a game that served the hardcore VR player audience. After settling on Unreal Engine to develop the project, Aleksei quickly started working on ‘Project Radius’ in his free time with Aleksandr Svetlov joining the project as full-time programmer later on.

The current state of VR is still in the early days of modern gaming and nobody knows exactly what to do. Many VR developers make a VR entertainment experience first and a game second. “The atmosphere should make the player think. A VR game developer must utilize the strengths of VR, by being a good game first and a VR experience second.” Says Aleksei Shulga, while discussing the many challenges a VR game developer faces. Starting with no previous experience in VR development, a small team has a big opportunity to bring players into a more immersive experience, Aleksandr Svetlov explained, “VR can have a better empathetic relationship with the characters in a VR game. For example, having to rescue and drag your wounded friend to safety while they are screaming in pain.

The theme and genre of the game was a key focus of the project right from the start. Inspired by the novel ‘Roadside Picnic’ by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky mixed with the themes of Stephen King, along with the atmosphere of the game Myst.

Currently the storyline is absent from the game, we’re doing a technical test of the core gameplay. There are 4 missions and tutorial. The game is not fast-paced, players must think and be careful, decide how you will survive. Players can use the shop, explore the zone for artifacts. We have a story with simple moral choices, people in extreme circumstances. Not an epic story, not saving the world, but still fun.” Shulga commented. “With the release of the BETA version, everything now depends on the players. Please tell us what you like, what you don’t like. We want to hear your ideas. to understand players like the pacing and if the idea of the game is worth perusing further.” With Svetlov adding “This is our dream project, we invite the players to the collective dreaming bandwagon. If this is successful, we can find the resources to continue development.”

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Into the Radius is now available on Steam Early Access for VR on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.