Dev Diary: Wacky Stars

Wacky Stars started as a rapid prototype developed in 2 weeks as a multiplayer variant of the popular ‘spiral tower’ style racing games. Players bounce a ball or avatar down through a series of platforms, competing to reach the bottom in the fastest amount of time.

The team’s mission was to give the game a dose of fun and wackiness, to make the game more appealing to 4 friends competing with each other. Following the success of the prototype, full development proceeded over a period of 2.5 months to the current soft-launch release.

The team created a variety of silly characters, each with a number of cosmetic features including: skins and hats, wacky poses and animations as well as unique trails that follow behind the avatars.

In addition, each player character has an ‘Ultimate’ ability that can be improved by collecting coins during the race. Each ability was designed to give a player some racing advantage, like increasing the speed of their decent, ignoring or overcoming the platform obstacles. This ability can also be recharged during the race by landing on special platforms littered periodically throughout the spiral tower course.

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