Drag Racing Club Wars hits Google Play

drag racing club wars

Drag Racing Club Wars gets a big update this week, with a totally revamped UI look and feel.

The entire Upgrade system has been restructured and upgrades values will change. There will be a new Upgrade system with rarity levels:

  • Basic – White
  • Street – Green
  • Race – Blue
  • Pro – Violet


In addition a Blueprint system will be introduced, Blueprints can be won in races, challenges, etc. Each will have a type (engine, turbo etc.), a class (D,C,B etc.) and a rarity (street, race, pro). So you could use, for example, Street D Engine blueprint on any of 5 engine upgrades of any D(compact) cars.

Club Wars code has been completely re-written to work as it should and displeasure has been re-introduced into Club Wars.

The Economic system has been improved, Race cars pre-loaded with upgrades are available for sale. Modifiers will only be able to be bought for Gold and Credits.

RP will be removed from the game. Players can request compensation from the CM Support Team https://support.creative-mobile.com after Jan 4, 2016 for any RP they purchased after Nov 1, 2015.