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Basketball Shots 3D

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868 thousand downloads

Mobile version of the famous basketball 3-POINT SHOOTOUT CONTEST brings you the thrill of simple yet challenging game favored by all NBA star players.

In this game you are throwing five balls from each of the five different positions on the arc. Each ball that hits the basket brings you 1 score point and each fifth ball brings 2. You have only 1 minute to make all the 25 shots. Simple as that, this game captivates MILLIONS OF PLAYERS around the world for hours and hours of gameplay.

You can exercise tactics by using sneaky POWER-UPS that bring you the edge over your opponents. But don’t rely solely on them as it is the SKILL that determines the winner in the end.

  • 5+ different game modes
  • Online competitions
  • Play with friends
  • Stylish avatars with unlimited customization options
  • Different courts and balls