Global release of Never Ending Dungeon: Idle RPG

An idle RPG with a classic fantasy art style and tons of customization options, Never Ending
Dungeon invites casual gamers as well as diehard RPG fans on a nonstop adventure through
beautiful, procedurally generated dungeons packed with monsters and loot.
The player follows an elven archer, a warrior dwarf, or both as they battle all sorts of terrifying
creatures, acquire new skills, and pick up gold and other rewards on their heroic quest to
defeat evil. The caveat: there is no end to the quest, only more boss fights, more epic gear and
more fun!

Key Features

* Manage your hero as you would in a hardcore RPG, then leave them to fight, loot, and level
up – even when you’re offline!

* Two characters to choose from, each with unique abilities, weapons and spells. (Other
fantasy races coming soon!)
* Define your hero’s battle style – four skill trees corresponding to the four elements.
* Fully developed crafting system – recycle loot to craft better equipment!
* Endless swarms of monsters to battle, including dozens of distinct bosses.
* Option to adopt a cute pet dragon who’ll cheer you on and collect additional loot!
* Three challenge modes – Tower, Maze, and Invasion Portals – where you can put your hero
to the test.
* Daily Quests and Achievements to celebrate your progress.
* Gorgeous graphics and highly interactive environment – smash crates and barrels with a
single tap as your hero battles on!
Never Ending Dungeon will be available to download for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

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