New releases: War of Tanks and Mushroom Wars


Build your tank platoon and crush your foes! Upgrade your tanks with the latest tech, manage squads and perfect your tactics to defeat the enemy and win the War of Tanks!

  • Unlock numerous TANKS and strengthen your unit
  • Combine UPGRADES and special abilities to crush the opposition
  • Destroy hordes of enemies in CAMPAIGN and online modes
  • Join forces with friends in MULTIPLAYER

Download here: Google Play – War of Tanks



One of the all-time “Top 25 PSN Games” by IGN is now on Android!

A dreadful menace threatens the Mushroom kingdom. An unknown enemy has come between the mushroom folk and once peaceful neighbors have begun to fight one another. Lead an army of mushroom warriors and mediate peace in the forest!

Mushroom Wars is a dynamic real-time strategy. Defeat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations! Increase the size of your army, complete the construction of your villages, improve your weapons, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers – it’s up to you to choose your way to victory!

Complete a fascinating Campaign or challenge online!

  •  A campaign containing 32 maps with increasing difficulty levels
  •  Simple controls and exciting gameplay
  •  Many challenges for hardcore gamers
  •  Varying mission types: capture, king of the hill etc.
  •  Three variants of controls for more effective play
  •  Supports left-handed gamers

Download here: Google Play – Mushroom Wars