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#ilovemusclecars social media contest in cooperation with our sponsor

Pick a muscle car from Nitro Nation and give it your personal touch! Submit your in-game screenshot via our NN Facebook or Twitter page by using the hashtag #ilovemusclecars. We will upload your screenshot to our #ilovemusclecars gallery. Drag your fri…

Now in its sixth year, it’s becoming harder to recall those days when the iPhone 3GS was the only serious gaming device available.

Clearly, there have been a lot of changes since then; something the list reflects in both obvious and more subtle ways.

“With over 250 million downloads of its various drag racing games Estonian developer Cre…

26 Feb 2015

The conference, taking place on April 8th and 9th 2015 at Tallinn University, is hosted by Estonia’s largest developer and publisher, Creative Mobile Games in co-operation with the University of Tallinn and Gaming Accelerator GameFounders.


February 10, 2015 – Tallinn, Estonia – This year’s edition of Estonia’s largest devel…