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The Creative Mobile Randy Rosner Charity Run


On September 28-29th Creative Mobile hosted a Drag Racing Pro League Run for our friend Randy Rosner (aka. DRE BudKing) who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for a rare cancer.

We pledged to match whatever amount players raised that weekend. After the results came in, we decided to match 10 times the amount raised! Today Creative Mobile donated $500 to the Randy Rosener Fundraiser, we wish Randy all the best and a speedy recovery!

Thank you to all our players who participated in the Charity Run, donations can be made to Randy’s Go Fund Me campaign here.


Creative Mobile Celebrates 200 Million Game Installs on Android

CM_200000000_640x640_2Creative Mobile, a top developer on Google Play, announces a significant milestone – 200 million game installs on the Android platform alone. Its free-to-play games consistently make it into the list of the most popular games on Google Play.

Founded in 2010, Creative Mobile develops mobile games with original and challenging gameplay that are focused on free-to-play mechanisms and cross-platform multiplayer. Games created by the company have quickly become app store hits and have engaged casual and devoted players all over the world.

The first game developed by Creative Mobile, Basketball Shots 3D, was released on Android, and since then the platform has remained particularly important for the company. In 2011 Creative Mobile became a Top Developer on Google Play and has maintained this status. In 2014, the total volume of installs on Android devices exceeded 200 million and Creative Mobile is in a select group of mobile developers that has focused on and succeeded in the Android market.


This important milestone coincided with the company´s 4th birthday. In just four years Creative Mobile grew from a start-up company founded by a small group of like-minded game enthusiasts to a successful leader in Android and the mobile game industry, becoming one of the global Top 50 developers according to

When we self-published our first Android game in early 2010 we couldn´t imagine that our titles would be on 200 million devices“, says Vladimir Funtikov, co-founder of Creative Mobile. “We are extremely proud of this achievement and excited to be part of this amazing ecosystem.”

Currently Creative Mobile offers a wide range of captivating free-to-play games. The leading title is undoubtedly Drag Racing with 120 million installs. Drag Racing Bike Edition and Drag Racing 4×4 extended the Drag Racing franchise and became acclaimed hits. Picking up steam is another ambitious project of the company – Nitro Nation, a massively-multiplayer racing game that features team building, tournaments, unlimited car customization and other core attributes of the genre.

Nitro Nation 3.2 Update

Since the official release of Nitro Nation we’ve received lots of feedback from our players, so we took your advice and literally took the game apart and rebuilt it from the ground up!

Update your game today or download Nitro Nation on Google Play

And now on the Amazon Appstore!

Have a look at some of the new and improved features:

Faster Load Times!

Previously you had to wait for the game to load, then wait for the garage to show up, and survive one last loading screen before you see the map. Not anymore! We’ve made the loading sequence much quicker, so that moving between the welcome screen, garage and map takes mere seconds.

Updated Car Dealer!

Apart from the new look, now you can buy any car at any time, even if you don’t have the class license for it. However, having the corresponding license will give you a significant discount.

New and Improved Race Locations!

Now you can race at night on the bridge from our trailer video and on a highway during the day.

The new race result screen is cleaner and all the advanced stats are shown on one screen.
A hint button can be used to get immediate suggestions based on your driving and now there’s a direct link to the Upgrades section.

Redesigned Upgrades Interface!

The upgrades are the most important part of the game, everything works the same way as before, but it’s much cleaner and easier to navigate. Now you can see all your installed upgrades as small dots on the category screen. The dot color tells you how rare the installed part is. Inside each category you can see the components on the left side and all the parts in your storage below.

Easy to follow Map!

The Event map is now easier to navigate. Your last race is always pre-selected and you can see the event details on the right.

Better Blueprint Storage!

Each blueprint you own is shown as a large card with all the stats view able at a glance.

The Market Opens!

Now you can trade blueprints with other players. You can look at the current offers, filter by category and rarity, and sell blueprints you don’t need for gold tokens.


Find out more about the update and ask your questions on our forum thread

For the latest news and to chat about the game visit us on:
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World Cup Contest & Rio Tournament

It’s time for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil!


We are celebrating with you Visit the Drag Racing and Nitro Nation Facebook pages and guess the score of each game before the kickoff and win Nitro Nation Gold Coins and Drag Racing RP! All you have to do is leave a comment below with your player id (username) and your prediction for the final score! We will pick one lucky guy among all right predictions!


Participate in the Drag Racing 4×4 Rio Tournament to win unique decals!


Cashplay for Drag Racing on iOS

Creative Mobile’s Nitro Nation Drag Racing has gone live with cash tournaments on iOS. With over 100 million downloads, Drag Racing is regarded as one of the best mobile racers available, boasting a fiercely passionate and competitive community of players. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Drag Racing players have embraced the challenge of competing for real money. Early reports show that nearly 7000 players have already played for cash with almost 40000 cash games completed. drag racing in game Need for Speed Drag Racing is a test of timing and tactics where every millisecond counts and the slightest mistake results in defeat. With more than 50 officially licensed cars to choose from, the gameplay is an adrenaline-fueled balancing act of shifting gears and applying nitro at the optimum moment. As Creative Mobile’s flagship title, Drag Racing has received substantial critical and popular acclaim having been ranked in the top ten games of 2011 by the New York Times blog and it is in the top ten most downloaded games ever on the Google Play store. drag racing menu screen Race For Cash Drag Racing now offers the option to race for cash and includes tournaments with potential winnings ranging from $0.40 to $10. Competition is fierce, but our unique skill matching algorithm ensures that players are pitted against others of similar ability. drag racing better luck next time Ongoing $3 bonus for new users + deposit matching bonus. To get you started, we offer all new players a $3 bonus upon registration (if you win an initial free-entry ‘bonus game’). We’re also giving away free cash for every deposit up to a value of $100 per player, so get yourself over to the iOS App Store, download the game and join in the fun! Drag racing race for cash banner Cashplay is a unique monetization platform that allows mobile and online skill gamers to compete against each other for real money. Read More..

Read the Cashplay tutorial for Drag Racing here

The Last Inua

Last Inua is a platform adventure game in which one player controls two characters. You guide an Inuit father and his son on their quest for survival. Father Ataataq has to guard his son Hiko, a gifted boy with supernatural abilities. Their world, the mythical North, is under attack by an ancient demon: Tonrar. Tonrar seeks to dominate the North and to do this he needs to destroy Hiko. But Tonrar is alone, Ataataq and Hiko have each other.

The bond between father and child – one strong, one sick – trying to survive against the harsh climate of the Arctic. It is an immersive and emotional experience with a vibrant art style heading for iOS.

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3 Years of Drag Racing Glory



In 2011 a handful of talented people from Tallinn, Estonia self-funded a start up that launched Drag Racing to an overwhelming response. It quickly went on to be named one of the 10 best games of 2011 by the NY Times newspaper, became the #1 Most downloaded racing app on Google Play and #1 Racing Game for iPhone and iPad in the App store.


In 2012 Drag Racing Bike Edition followed up, again capturing the #1 Racing title on Google Play. Creative Mobile was named ‘Startup of the year in Estonia’ as well as a Google Play Top Developer. According to Co-founder Vladimir Funtikov,


Drag Racing inspired a new genre by blending simple gameplay and the spirit of hardcore racing. We are now taking it one step further and I’m really excited to see what we can achieve.” 


Today the Creative Mobile team has grown to just under 100 members and Drag Racing holds the honor of being one of the 10 most downloaded games on Google Play with over 100M players. The Drag Racing series has expanded to include Drag Racing 4×4 and the latest release Nitro Nation Online. Games forming the Drag Racing franchise have been downloaded to more than 150 million devices worldwide, with no end in sight!

Creative Mobile will be marking the occasion with a number of contests and giveaways:

  • From April 11th to the 13th there will be a TRIPLE CASH weekend on Drag Racing!
  • The Nitro Nation Drag Racing Meme Contest Simply create your own original Drag Racing or Nitro Nation related meme using one of our sample images or using a meme generator. Post your original meme to our Facebook ‘Meme Contest’ tab or to our @N2O_Game twitter.
    We will announce our weekly winners each Wednesday April 16th, 23rd and 30th. Winners will receive a Nitro Nation promo pack and an entry into our Grand Prize draw for a HERO3 White GoPro Camera, the winner will be announced on May 1st.
  • The Best of Drag Racing Forums Awards will open nomination threads starting on April 10th and run until April 15th in the following categories:• DRF Awards: Best Drag Racing Player (The best player inside of the game)
    • DRF Awards: Best Drag Racing Tuner (The most helpful or generous Tuner)
    • DRF Awards: Best Drag Racing Forum Member(The most helpful or entertaining DRF member)

    Any member of the forum is eligible to be nominated, the nominees will then be put to a vote by the community.

    Voting polls will start on the 16th and run until the 30th, Winners will receive a Drag Racing promo pack and an entry into our Grand Prize draw for a HERO3 White GoPro Camera, the winner will be announced on May 1st.

Nitro Nation Online Release

The Beta is over!

On April 3th, 2014 the full release for Nitro Nation Online will launch on Google Play for Android devices.

Nitro Nation Online takes drag racing to the next level with a 3D world full of stunning new customizable cars, amazing racing physics and unlimited in-depth gameplay that guarantees racers an unforgettable experience, all on your mobile device!

The world of Nitro Nation offers a wide range of authentic, licensed cars with real physics and numerous possibilities for customization. This fully-loaded upgrade system allows players to select the combination of improvements that best suit various cars, distances and conditions. Let your car’s beauty shine with incredible customization: Choose wheels, window tinting and any color for every part of your car, add unique finishes and use our flexible system to add decals to any part of your car – you can do it all in Nitro Nation!

  • Race more than 50 licensed car models from Honda, Dodge, Volkswagen, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Nissan and other world class brands
  • Drive around in three heavily detailed locales
  • Customize your car with different colors, visual effects and HUNDREDS of decals
  • Win over a MILLION prizes and upgrade your car to win even more!
  • Earn up to 80 achievements ranging in difficulty
  • Ride for your club -> Earn respect -> Climb the ranks -> PROFIT!
  • Set records and get on TOP OF THE WORLD with sophisticated Leaderboard System

A special thanks to all our Beta Testers and the forum members at, players who participated in the Open Beta will soon be prompted to upgrade or download the full version – Don’t worry! Your account progress will be saved and transferred to the full release. Beta Test players will also receive a special decal in the next update, but be warned, the Beta version will soon close and the online leader boards will be reset.
If you are waiting for Nitro Nation Online for iOS, Windows Phone, etc. please be patient! We will make an announcement about other platform releases when we get closer to the date.

See you at the finish line!

Looking for a wild ride?

Can’t live without the taste of speed and nitros? Then Road Smash was made for you!

Creative Mobile released in cooperation with Laika Boss and Zillion Whales the brandnew game for adrenalin junkies: ROAD SMASH!
For more details visit the gamepage and download this fine racing app for your smartphone!

Download here:


Merry Christmas to all players!

Here’s wishing you all the joys of the season. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And have fun by playing our special Christmas updates.