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Creative Mobile is proud to announce¬†that premium tyre manufacturer Hankook Tire, will be featured in the top-rated racing game Nitro Nation Online. The exclusive agreement will include 3 Hankook tyre models: Ventus Prime, S1evo2, v12evo2, which will appear in a branded racing event and as unique upgradeable car parts. By introducing…

04 Aug 2015


#iLoveAudi social media contest in cooperation with our sponsor ck-modelcars.com

Contest rules:

Only 1 design submission per model (RS3, S5, RS7, R8) per person (max 4 designs total)
Only the most liked paint job from each user has a chance to move on to the top 10 final round
All final round entries will receive 20…

Every day we receive hundreds of e-mails, messages and comments from players all over the world sharing their thoughts and letting us know how much they enjoy our games. Once and awhile a message sticks out as something special. Recently we heard from a player who shared his story of how playing Drag Racing helped him through his recovery from subs…