Join the fun! Play this addictive skyscraper game and build your business empire. Go from a Tiny Tower to the Tallest Building one tap at a time!


Pocket Tower is an easy to play game that puts you in charge of building a skyscraper a floor at a time, look after business management and take it to the top of the charts while taking care of all your cute residents.

  • Build up your skyscraper floor by floor with businesses, shops and services for your tower residents
  • Collect profits and make Bux, attract new residents to work in your skyscraper
  • Manage your tower residents and help them find their dream job! Remember a happy worker will improve your profits
  • Make friends and join together to create cities and rule the leaderboards
  • Complete Daily Quests and earn Bux tips from VIP visitors and tower residents

Pocket Tower is a fun social game where players can join together to create cities, rule the leaderboards and gain bonuses by completing Daily Quests and earning tips from VIP visitors. Players can collect bux and keys to get special rewards, there are plenty of Upgrades and Boosters to increase a Tower’s potential as well as benefit the entire city.


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