Ambush! – Tower Offense

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Ambush! - Tower Offense icon
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Ambush! – Tower Offense

For many years, Warlords of a mighty clan protected their land, building bases to defend territories and crushing enemies beyond count. But a Wise Man said: the time for Great Invasions has come! Build a Citadel, ambush the neighboring tribes!

Send forth your armies and crush their defenses! No other free games offer you the same ability to challenge other players in a unique mixture of well-known Tower Defense and BRAND NEW Tower Offense game modes! Command and conquer a realm of your own in one of the most addicting games on the market! If you like to play online games, download Ambush and show ’em the real Tower power!

  • Tower Offense (new and cool – rush your armies through others’ defenses!)
  • Tower Defense (traditional – build towers, destroy invaders)
  • Heroes! That’s a game changer!
  • Your own Citadel and many lands to conquer Ambush other player’s realms and take their resources for victory
  • Realm chronicles: know who attacked you and what was the outcome.
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold! Strike back when you are ready!
  • Evaluate other players’ progress and power score 20 tower types and upgrades – a variety of damage types
  • 20 battle units and monsters with different perks. Combine them wisely to pass through defenses
  • 5 land types to protect and mine resources
  • Research and power increasing buildings – 8 battle stats to boost your power!
  • Two battle grounds – Native and Inferno