Clash of the Damned

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Clash of the Damned

Smashing RPG fighting saga about the never-ending bloody battle between immortal Vampires and Werewolves. Become the legendary master of the sword and lead your people to victory in this free online adventure!

  • Decide where you belong: merciless Vampires or fierce Werewolves
  • Embark on an epic journey to reclaim the lands of your kingdom
  • Complete quests, win gladiator tournaments and crush hordes of enemies
  • Fight for justice and get medieval on your foes
  • Customize your appearance and upgrade your fighting skills
  • Loot countless items: swords, armors, projectiles, potions, magic scrolls and more
  • Choose from dozens of perks and special abilities
  • Collect and grade magic crystals to upgrade your swords and armor
  • Claim your title of the glorious warrior in the online PVP arena
  • Gang up with best twilight fighters to create the most powerful clan
  • Win daily tournaments
  • Raid your rivals’ land