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Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing is the triumph of the death racing genre!

In the late 21st century the world has been brought to its knees by the greed of humankind. The political and economic breakdown has forged a path of violence and outlaws rule the world. War and chaos plays into the hands of greedy corporations. To sustain the blood-lust, a powerful organization named Cyberline Corp decides to organize a breathtaking show – a race to the death.

Run by a heartless racer by the name Inferno, Cyberline Corp’s hidden goal is to test new warfare technologies on the field, in combat closed situations, a goal it plans to achieve during violent and adrenaline charged races. The death race has brought together the very worst of the past civilization: murderers, discarded androids and people who have nothing else to lose. You will have to battle against them on the racing track where you don’t just win a race, you gain the right to live.


  • 1000+ career events, 100+ levels of upgrades, 4 unique game modes.
  • Battle on racing tracks set in the most thrilling and exotic locations, from cyberpunk slums to snowy mountains and scorching deserts, endless skyscrapers, volcanic islands and abandoned military bases.
  • 30+ stunning combat cars
  • 4 different car classes including heavy armored SUVs, lightweight super cars and technologically advanced racing fortresses.
  • Paint your car in whatever color you want, apply awesome decals, and install sick rims; make your car truly unique!
  • Large variety of guns: lethal rockets, precise lasers, explosive mortars, swift machine-guns, boiling oil or advanced firearms like the drain-gun and energy blaster.
  • Materials and Blueprints to upgrade your car’s shield, body, ram, speed and nitro.
  • Online competitions & Global Leaderboards