Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter

Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter
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Hamster Balls: Bubble Shooter

Help your cute hamster friends reach their home in this bubble shooter game. An exciting adventure, full of dangers, obstacles, and tricky balls waits for you! Save lab flies and other creatures trapped inside balls, get the highest score, or just survive!

Meet the ingenious hamster team: Timmy, Runner, Psycho, and Wisenheimer. Along with yourself, they constitute a perfect bubble shooter crew that can overcome anything! Discover how the hamsters’ special skills come in handy with their ball-popping abilities.

Disclaimer: Beware of mysterious events, fading light, and balls that refuse to pop, but also may freeze, poison, or even predict the future! *No balls were harmed while making this game.

  • 100+ levels of Challenging Puzzles!
  • Upgradable Hamsters, each with unique abilities!
  • Diverse mission goals and challenges.
  • Cool & effective boosters and rescue kits.
  • Toggable color blind mode.
  • Facebook login to invite friends and exchange gifts.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Trophies.