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Last Inua

Last Inua is an award winning platform adventure game featuring an Inuit father and his son on their epic quest for survival against the elements. Father Ataataq has to guard his son Hiko, a gifted boy with supernatural abilities.

Their world, the mythical North, is under attack by an ancient demon: Tonrar. Tonrar seeks to dominate the North and to do this he needs to destroy Hiko. But Tonrar is alone, Ataataq and Hiko have each other.

Glorious it is when wandering time is come.” – Inuit Proverb

  • This is our 21st century tribute to the classic platform adventure genre!
  • You control 2 unique characters: Father Atataaq, a physical powerhouse
    and Hiko who is gifted with magical powers.
  • LAST INUA is immersed in atmosphere: audio, design and gameplay
    orchestrated for a majestic sense of northern wonders.
  • Featuring an intriguing storyline, immersive gameplay and fun puzzles.
  • Amazingly detailed and handcrafted character animations and artwork.