Never Ending Dungeon Idle RPG

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Never Ending Dungeon Idle RPG

Explore an infinite number of dungeons, slay monsters and collect loot automatically in this epic fantasy RPG!

Simple controls let you cast spells, craft items and upgrade your gear as well as your hero’s unique abilities with just a few taps.

Don’t feel like hardcore role-playing? Keep it casual. Sit back and watch as your hero fights for you!

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• Fantasy action RPG with the option of stress-free idle gameplay
• Nonstop adventure – your hero can fight and level up even when you’re offline
• Crush monsters, challenge powerful bosses and collect gold – it’s easy!
• Elf? Dwarf? Both? Role-play heroes of different fantasy races
• Change your hero’s appearance by collecting legendary gear and crafting equipment
• Unlock and upgrade elemental spells and special abilities as you would in any hardcore RPG
• Smash powerful monster bosses with epic weapons while collecting soul shards and other rewards
• Get help on your dungeon quest from a cute pet dragon
• Classic RPG art style and endless procedurally generated dungeons

Download for free and start dungeon crawling now in this addictive epic action RPG filled with nonstop fun!

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