Pocket Tower: Skyscraper

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Pocket Tower: Skyscraper

Construct your skyscraper and build your business empire from a Tiny Tower to the Tallest Building one tap at a time!

Pocket Tower is an easy to play game that puts you in charge of building a skyscraper a floor at a time, look after business management and take it to the top of the charts while taking care of all your cute residents.

  • Build up your skyscraper floor by floor with businesses, shops and services for your tower residents
  • Collect profits and make Bux, attract new residents to work in your skyscraper
  • Manage your tower residents and help them find their dream job!
    Remember a happy worker will improve your profits
  • Make friends and join together to create cities and rule the leaderboards
  • Complete Daily Quests and earn Bux tips from VIP visitors and tower residents
  • Single tap play functionality
  • In-Game chat