War of Tanks: Clans

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War of Tanks: Clans

Test your mettle in one of the best tank games online! Take command of a war tanks brigade in a fierce battle on the front lines, with up to three tanks at once.

Players can choose from 5 different modes of play, with both single player options and play online games with friends.

As players win more tank wars, they unlock 30 historical WW2 tanks, from the manoeuvrable Pzkpfw II Luchs, to the legendary heavy Churchill. Each tank is uniquely customizable, consisting of 4 separate modules (top turret, chassis, tank shell, and weapon) all which can be upgraded with 4 modifications..

  • TAKE COMMAND OF 30 TANKS from WWII, including Tiger, Panther, T34, KV2, Valentine and Churchill.
  • CREATE UNIQUE TANK MODIFICATIONS with infinite range of tank modifiers for Turret, Weapon, Chassis and Hull.
  • COMPLETE 8 CAMPAIGNS with 5 mission types: skirmish, assault, defence, breakthrough and cover.
  • FIGHT ONLINE PLAYERS in Random Fights to gain unique tank modifiers and Fame.
  • TAKE RISK IN RAIDS to win high tier tanks, special modifiers, gold and more.
  • REACH THE TOP LEAGUE and be promoted to General of the Army.
  • War of Tanks is an easy to learn free games with specially designed for touch screen controls.