Publishing Summer Sale

creative mobile Publishing Summer Sale

From June 15th to September 1st, we’re offering half off prices for In-App Purchases on some of our most popular games!

Pinball_icon_260x260Pinball Fantasy HD features 9 pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions system, locations and characters! Wild West, The Deep, Tanks, Pirates, Jungle Style, Da Vinci, Snow, Halloween, Arcade – each one is a masterpiece.

MASHROOM_icon_260x260_2Mushroom Wars is a dynamic real-time strategy. Defeat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations! Increase the size of your army, complete the construction of your villages, improve your weapons, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers – it’s up to you to choose your way to victory!

Zombie_icon_260x260Zombie Harvest a sarcastic parody of popular mobile games, with a twist! Throw anything you have at hand at the ghouls, and have fun! It’s easy to shoot, impossible to stop! Protect your veggie garden until last zombies get shot.