Creative Mobile Labs

Creative Mobile Labs is dedicated to helping beginner game developers and indie studios to nail down their gameplay, improve monetization and execute a perfect launch. We offer help from our game designers and production directors across different development stages: pre-launch preparation, launch, and subsequent project development.

What kind of games we’re looking for

  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Eye-catching and engaging graphics
  • Unique gameplay or a fresh take on in-demand mechanics
  • Target audience: casual, midcore, hardcore

What we offer:


  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Operative marketing
  • Advice on key metrics
  • Advice on the technical features of platforms
  • Advice on implementing third-party services in the game (offers, payments, ads, etc)
  • Follow-up on product pre-distribution
  • Communication with Apple App Store and Google Play platform representatives


  • Release under the Creative Mobile Labs account in Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Communication with third-party services (payment systems, advertising networks, analytical systems etc.)
  • Assistance in integrating and conducting A/B testing


  • Collaborative planning of project development
  • Planning in-game events
  • Customer service
  • PR and marketing

Please send us a link to your game build in any form as well as any other corresponding game materials (video, screenshots, description, in-game cycles, and monetization model) at, or submit through the contact form below