Stickman Trials ramps on to Google Play

Stickman Trials is a unique bike racing simulator, that combines downhill, stunt riding, impressive jumps and epic falls, now on Google Play.

The game features realistic bicycle and motorcycle physics, players can choose from a wide range of unique bikes. Each bike has different characteristics: speed, grip, acceleration and control and a unique performance, appearance and class: everything from mountain and downhill bicycles, motorcycles and cross bikes, mopeds and choppers.
For players with a creative sense of style, there are customizable bikes and various outfits you can dress up their Stickman. There is more than 11 unique two-wheeled techniques to unlock, along with upgrades to improve the bike’s characteristics.

Stickman Trials players can ride through 150 exciting tracks in the Forest, Desert, Volcano, Arctic and Outer Space terrains. Each new terrain differs in complexity, each with unique features, springboards, jumps and obstacles. There is a Daily Challenge mode for players to complete 31 different tracks and receive bonus coins every day.

Stickman Trails can be downloaded from Google Play

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