Shoot ‘Em Up Trigger Time releases on Steam

Creative Mobile and Shephf Games releases PC / Linux shoot ‘em up Trigger Time for $4.99 on Steam.

Trigger Time is a top-down 2D shoot ‘em up that drops players into high risk missions infiltrating the laboratory levels of mad scientist Professor Nathan and his army of cybernetic mutants.

Fans of the shmup genre can blast their way through 9 unique levels, along the way battling bizarre bosses, solve physics-based puzzles, load up on guns and gadgets, drive a variety of vehicles and interact with the striking environment.


  • 9 massive levels, each filled with hazards, physics puzzles, lots of enemies and featuring a dangerous boss.
  • Lots of guns and gadgets, with 8 primary weapons and 3 secondary weapons to choose from.
  • Gravity Gun that can be used to solve physics-based puzzles and interact with the environment.
  • Interactive objects, such as gas valves, robotic arms, etc.
  • Vehicles such as boats, mechs, etc.
  • Full Gamepad support