ZooCraft celebrates pawesome worldwide release

Creative Mobile, Estonia’s leading game developer, announces the official launch of casual, cute animal simulation game ZooCraft to Google Play.

ZooCraft players are handed the keys to a run-down zoo, they must build their own unique zoo and decorate it, breed and discover new animal species by making genetic experiments in the Laboratory, construct and upgrade zoo kiosks, attractions and emporiums while completing tasks and special quests.

ZooCraft features more than 110+ animals, from common rabbits, boars and badgers, uncommon koalas, chameleons and monitor lizards to the rare babirussa and solenodon, not to mention extra rare mythical creatures. Players can read about their animals in the Library, play with their animals in their habitats, raise up animal babies and let visitors buy them as pets.

ZooCraft available to download on Google Play, the iOS version is currently in development and will be released in the near future.

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