Awesome team

We’ve developed a unique identity based on openness, trust and responsibility. Our values are the foundation to everything: the way we design our games, the way we talk to our players and the way we treat each other. Our vision is to be a home for great talent, and we are stronger together.

Epic track record

A studio is only as good as their next game, but here are some facts from the history books. We created a new game category, served hundreds of millions of players, and worked with world-class brands. We also won a pile of awards that you can probably find somewhere in our office if you are really persistent.

Long-term passion

It’s love for games that brings us together, but how do we keep it fresh? Our secret sauce is our drive to get better at everything, find creative ways to improve and test new ideas, learn and educate, experiment and iterate. We are winners who are happy to fail if that makes us stronger.